NEWSFLASH!! with Elio Pace!
The Billy Joel Songbook Albums Tour

Only the best accomodations on this tour, look at this couch in my dressing room!
A message

Let me be the first to welcome you to my web site and allow me to make my first general DB news broadcast.

Presently I'm short on a large staff and deep pockets for a web maintenance program so this could sit for a while depending on business, but ya know ...ya never know till ya try.

Today I woke up, got out of my bed and was lucky enough to be alive and well. This is the start of a good day. Then.... the good fortune of being close to family and friends ... well, what could top it off? Could be by night I might join with my musician friends to make music and to top that off have supporting people around to enjoy and perhaps purchase one of our cd's.

Until otherwise noted, this will be similar to my days to come God-willing and hope to see you out there soon!

If you start seeing more updates then it's because your support allowed a staff to write more detail about the other days.... huh!

Thanks for your support.

©2016 David Brown
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